What’s the Jets defense doing well? | Jets defense,Jets defense,defense

Jets defensive coordinator Jedd Fisch has put his stamp on the team’s defense, bringing in players like cornerback Brent Grimes and linebacker Michael Williams and reworking the secondary.

But he said the Jets need to take more time to get better at their fundamentals.

That’s a big part of what Fisch said at this year’s Senior Bowl.

Jets fans will get a chance to see the Jets’ new defensive line during the Senior Bowl on Feb. 13, but it’s still too early to tell if this unit will be able to take the field for the first time this year.

Here are a few key things we learned from Senior Bowl practice, including: Fisch has been doing a good job developing a new pass rush.

He likes to use a four-man front, which means that defensive linemen are on the outside of the formation, meaning there’s only one defender, and the quarterback is in the middle of the line.

In this case, the outside linebacker is the inside linebacker.

Fisch likes to mix things up in pass rush schemes and is often using a four technique with a linebacker on the opposite side of the offensive line.

That gives his defensive line more freedom to run through blocks.

It also means that linebackers aren’t expected to run in the same direction as their defensive linemen, but the linemen are able to move around the line of scrimmage and give each other a leg up.

The Jets’ defense is better than ever.

In 2016, the Jets allowed the second fewest points per game and the third fewest yards per game.

Fitch said he expects that to change this season.

We need to improve our pass rush because it’s the biggest issue we have right now.

The last two years we’ve been doing better, and that’s going to continue.

We’ll continue to work on it.

Ficht also emphasized that the team needs to improve its pass rush coverage.

This year, the coverage was a little better, but he’s still not happy with the coverage this year, saying the Jets didn’t do enough to protect the ball when they were in coverage.

We just weren’t getting it done.

Fitch said the new defense needs to get faster with players on the field.

Fitzgerald was a surprise contributor during Senior Bowl practices, but there’s a lot of young talent in the secondary that he wants to develop.

He said that with a new defensive coordinator, there’s going a chance that Fisch’s defense can play faster and be a little more physical.

He said the offensive linemen have to improve, too.

They have to learn to read the defense, and I think they’re doing a better job of that than last year.

I’m excited for this defense to get started.

I think the defense is going to be better than last years, but I’m excited to see what they can do this year in order to get the offense to be more explosive.

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