What’s in the plan for defense procurement?

An annual defense plan for Israel, which has been plagued by a series of accidents and crises, will be published in mid-January, with details about what defense purchases will be made, according to defense officials.

The plan, to be published on Jan. 4 by Israel Defense Forces Secretary Gen. Avigdor Lieberman, will outline the government’s priorities for defense purchases and include a detailed breakdown of how much each department is spending, the officials said.

Lieberman is expected to say in his address that Israel has reached a new stage of development and will soon receive its first fully functioning prototype fighter aircraft.

A second prototype is expected in 2018, the official said.

Israel is seeking to modernize its air force and its air defenses, as well as develop new weapons systems to protect against Iran’s ballistic missile programs, including a possible long-range missile that can reach the US mainland.

Israel has repeatedly said that it would be ready to defend itself from Iran if it had the capability to do so.

But the government has struggled to find enough money to buy the technology and weapons needed to build a missile that could strike the US, which is on the verge of a nuclear arms deal with Iran.

The new plan will be based on the most recent Defense Ministry assessment of the country’s defense needs, which was released in March.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman (L) and Defense Minister Gilad Erdan at the opening of a meeting of the Israeli Defense Forces at the Haifa Military Base in February.

The assessment, which covers the current fiscal year, said Israel has only 1,300 troops and 1,600 tanks, and has only 4,000 troops and 3,400 tanks.

The ministry’s most recent estimate of Israel’s total defense spending is 2,600 soldiers and 1.5 million tanks.

Liebovich said in his speech that Israel will be able to afford its current spending level if it wants to increase its defense capability and expand its defense capabilities, but that it will not be able do so if it is unable to acquire the necessary military equipment, according, The Jerusalem Report reported.

Israel will have to invest at least $3.3 billion in the next three years to meet its needs, according the plan.

In addition to the planned spending increases, Israel will need to increase spending on its fleet of armored vehicles, submarines, jets, missiles, fighter jets, fighter planes, missiles and missiles systems, according.

Defense Ministry officials said the new plan would include a plan for upgrading the Israel Air Force and the countrys navy, which will need an upgrade as well, the report said.

In March, Israel launched its first new fighter aircraft, the Iron Dome rocket defense system.

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