‘There’s not a lot we can do’: Australian military on alert amid possible threat of North Korea nuclear test

Posted September 06, 2018 06:22:06 Australia’s military has deployed a large-scale joint taskforce to the Pacific, in a bid to prevent the country from being drawn into another nuclear crisis, the defence department announced on Friday.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has also sent up its Strategic Defence and Security Review Team, which has been in the process of identifying Australia’s options for the next nuclear test, to the region.

“It’s all about preparing for the possibility of a potential nuclear test,” Defence Minister Michael Keenan said on Friday morning.

“We’re in the early stages of the review, but I think the threat of a North Korean nuclear test and all the threats that could arise from that are a very real one.”

I would hope that we’re able to do all we can to minimise that risk, and I think we’ve done that, but we’re going to continue to do that and I’m hopeful that our neighbours and allies will also do that.

“Key points:Australia’s Defence Minister says the government is taking steps to minimising risk of nuclear war with North KoreaThe review team has identified a number of options for avoiding a North Korea crisis and is preparing for potential scenariosIn a briefing on Thursday, Defence Minister Keenan indicated the ADF would have the capacity to respond to a North Koreans nuclear test at any time.”

This review is a key part of the ADT [Australian Defence Force] assessment of what our capabilities are and where we stand,” he said.”

That assessment will provide us with the information we need to prepare for a possible North Korean test.

“In terms of the threat, I would urge everyone to stay calm, remain vigilant, and to work through all the challenges that are out there.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the country was prepared to act in case of a nuclear crisis.

“The best thing we can offer is the best advice and support,” he told ABC Radio National.

“If North Korea goes ahead with a test, if it does a test that has any nuclear weapons capability, we will take the strongest possible action to deal with it.”

Mr Turnbull said that the ADM’s review team was working on a “top-down” approach to the threat from North Korea, including monitoring the threat and making sure the Australian people were kept informed of the developments.

“Our intelligence and our military have been working together for some time to address the threat that is posed by North Korea and I expect that this review will be a key component in that effort,” he added.

“So the ADMF will be providing all the resources that are necessary to provide the most effective and effective response that we can.”

Mr Keenan has already outlined a number possible scenarios for what he described as a “worst case scenario”.

“What we are seeing now is that North Korea is trying to build a deterrent,” he explained.

“They have a very strong deterrent.

So, what we are witnessing is a new generation of nuclear weapons being developed and deployed and the likelihood of that happening is increasing.””

We’ve got to get it right now, we’ve got a chance of survival if we do what we can, and we will do whatever we can if we’re called upon to.”

Mr Abbott has said the threat to Australia has increased as a result of North Korean threats and said the nation was prepared for anything.

“North Korea’s making threats to destroy us, they’re threatening to attack us, and the worst thing that you can do is just stand there and watch,” he had said.

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