NFL’s defense can’t prove concussion hit the Titans quarterback

Now Playing: The Titans are back and ready to play NFL football Now Playing,’s Week 4 preview Now Playing ‘It’s the NFL, baby’: The Titans celebrate winning the Super Bowl Now Playing’The NFL: It’s the Week 4 Super Bowl preview’The Week 4 NFL preview’Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner Now Playing 5 key takeaways from the Super-Bowl Now Playing…’

What’s next for the Steelers?: Will they beat the Bengals?

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How does the Jets plan to stop Peyton Manning?’

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Bengals’ cornerback Jabrill Peppers ‘really excited’ about playing for the Jets Now Playing Titans defense can no longer prove concussion hits QB Now Playing Seahawks star Christine Michael joins ‘The View’ to talk football Now More News: Steelers coach Mike Tomlin discusses ‘super bowl’ outlook Now Playing Steelers coach says QB Ben Roethlisberger ‘really wants’ to win Now Playing Ravens star defensive end Michael Huff ‘really liked’ being part of Steelers defense Now Playing Patriots linebacker Vince Wilfork says he’d rather be on the Patriots defense Now More Sports News: ‘The Great One’ Will Return to HBO to Make a Big Return Now Playing Former NFL players ‘like’ the idea of a new HBO show Now More New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson: The Saints ‘really want’ to sign a QB to compete with Tom Brady Now More More Sports: Lions’ Ryan Clark, Raiders’ Darren McFadden on injuries, trade rumors Now More NFL News: Ravens’ Joe Flacco says he ‘never wanted to be in a situation like this’ Now More news: Cowboys’ Jimmy Johnson on Cowboys losing to Texans, saying he ‘had to learn to live with it’ NowMore News: NFL Week 4 Preview NowMoreNews: Seahawks defensive end Jeremy Lane says he’s ‘just not at that level anymore’ Now more sports coverage

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