NBA players’ legal defense fund reaches $7.8 million

A new NBA players legal defense trust fund is raising more than $7 million and it’s growing rapidly, as teams are facing a new legal onslaught that’s aimed at reducing their liability for the carbon emissions they generate.

The players legal fund, which was announced Monday, was launched on behalf of players and teams to help them pay for climate-related damages and environmental damages.

It was set up through the NBA Players Association’s Climate Protection Fund, a joint venture between the league and players that was set in motion when the league voted in February to divest from fossil fuels.

It was initially announced that the fund would be dedicated to players’ carbon-related and environmental-related costs, but it is now expanding its scope to include players’ and teams’ legal expenses and other legal fees.

The fund’s primary fund will be used to offset climate-induced damages and expenses, and it will also be used for players’ compensation and other damages.

The fund was created in part to pay players’ lawyers fees and costs related to legal cases.

The NBAPA will now work with the NBA’s Legal Services Department, which represents players, to negotiate new settlements and agreements.

The legal fund will fund the players legal services office, the players’ attorneys and other professionals, and will also pay for player travel, legal assistance, and other costs.

The legal fund is not intended to compensate players for any lost revenue from revenue sharing or other revenue sharing arrangements they may have entered into in the past.

It is not meant to replace or replace a player’s salary or salary cap in the NBA.

The NBAPA said in a press release Monday that the players fund is a joint effort between the players and the league, which “will provide additional support to players in the event of legal challenges and other unforeseen expenses, including for the costs of the players Legal Services Office and their attorneys, expenses related to defending themselves in court, and the costs incurred by the players for their legal representation and representation costs, if any.”

The players fund was launched to help players and their teams avoid costly climate-driven legal challenges that could lead to them being held personally liable for climate damages.

Players and teams will also have to pay for legal services from the NBAPA in the case of a legal challenge, which is likely to be in the form of discovery and discovery costs.

The climate legal fund was set to become a separate entity after the owners and the players opted to separate the legal and accounting divisions of the league.

That entity will now continue to operate independently.

The league is also launching a separate climate legal defense account, the Players Climate Defense Fund.

That account will help players pay for expenses associated with defending against climate-fueled climate-caused claims and to offset the cost of defending against other climate-damaged claims, such as climate-generated noise.

The new climate legal account was launched by the NBA as a way to provide support for players who may be affected by legal challenges related to climate.

The money is expected to come in quickly, with the fund’s first contributions to the fund being made this month.

The league is expected pay its first two contributions by the end of the month.

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