How to get a gun and gun accessories from toy defense in India

The toy company Neutrogene, whose main business is selling firearms, accessories and other military equipment, is set to begin selling guns and other weapons to customers in India later this year.

The company, which has its headquarters in Mumbai, plans to roll out a network of outlets across India, where people can buy military-grade weapons for their own personal use.

It plans to sell the guns to buyers at Rs 2,000 ($4) a shot, with the government offering incentives of up to Rs 3,000.

The guns sold by Neutroga will be in addition to the ones already sold by other gun and accessory companies, said Rajiv Datta, chief executive of the company.

“We are not limiting ourselves to just firearms,” Datta told AFP news agency.

“The range of weapons that we offer in India is quite large, but the focus is primarily on accessories.”

Neutrogen, which also sells knives and other accessories, had planned to sell its first guns and accessories in India before the country’s new law on gun ownership in 2016.

But the law has not gone into effect yet, and the company said the rollout of its guns and guns accessories will take place gradually.

The move to sell guns and weapons accessories in the country is part of the larger plan to bring a new military-style civilian-dominated market into the country.

Neutogen, owned by India’s richest man, Sunil Mittal, is in talks with the Indian government to sell firearms and other equipment for the next five years, Datta said.

“Our focus is on selling the best products and services for our customers in the next 5 years, including gun and weapon accessories,” he said.

Gun owners in India have long complained about the lack of guns available at affordable prices, with many complaining that many gun stores sell inferior firearms, including cheap rifles that have little range and lack accessories.

The new law has prompted gun owners to look elsewhere for a weapon, with Neutros offering some of the most popular weapons to consumers.

The country has the highest number of gun deaths in the world, with nearly 400,000 people killed in accidents, suicides and gun violence in 2016, according to the United Nations.

Gun sales have also skyrocketed in the United States, with gun makers ramping up production to meet demand.

Guns have also been popular in Europe, which is struggling to deal with a wave of mass shootings in recent years.

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