How to fix the ‘digital divide’

On the one hand, the Pentagon seems determined to make good on the promise to roll out new technologies like virtual reality to help train the troops for the next war.

But as a nation, it is facing a digital divide that will likely limit the military’s ability to reach a broader public, including women.

And in the military, women are being relegated to a smaller slice of officers, and in some units, to a lower level. 

For now, the military is trying to make the digital divide work in the most practical way possible: by using the technology to improve its recruiting process.

The Defense Department is developing a virtual recruiting site, and it will use social media and other social media to let recruiters target potential recruits, including their interests, jobs, and more.

It will also provide a secure, secure platform for recruiters to work from in-person recruiting.

The program, which is being funded by a $1.8 billion federal contract, will be rolled out over the next year.

“We are trying to move into a new era,” said Army Lt.

Col. Jocelyn Smith, an assistant secretary of defense for acquisition. 

“What we’re trying to do is move from a digital to a digital future, and I think we’re making great progress.” 

To date, there has been no public acknowledgement of the program. 

As part of the effort, the Army is partnering with a social media company called to offer its recruiting platform to military units around the country.

The Army will use Recruit’s service to connect recruiters with potential recruits by offering their LinkedIn profiles, social media accounts, and other information.

The service will also use Recruiter to send recruiters updates on potential recruits.

The army will also offer to pay Recruit $1 for each recruit that is signed up to the service. 

According to Smith, recruiters will use the social media platform to get in touch with potential applicants, to find potential jobs, to communicate with recruiters about job vacancies, and to provide recruiters relevant job openings. 

Smith said the Army will continue to use Recruits’ platform to target potential hires.


Net is really an incredible platform for recruiting and getting the word out to the military,” she said. 

However, it also will face the challenge of keeping up with all of the changes that are happening to the way people interact with the military.

The military has had to change how it views people in the workplace, and recruiters may not be able to keep up with those changes. 

In a recent report, the Council of Chief Executives called for the military to “reduce the number of recruiters on a daily basis.”

The report, titled “How the military should address recruitment: A review of the current workforce,” said that while recruiters are “currently doing a great job,” the military needs to do more to recruit more women. 

The report said that “while recruiters continue to excel in their roles, the workforce needs to be significantly more diverse.” 

The Council of Chiefs of Staff said it is also concerned about how the military will address diversity issues in its workforce.

“The recruitment of women and minorities has long been a source of frustration among recruiters, and the challenges we face are compounded by the growing use of social media,” it said.

“As the military continues to recruit in diverse communities, we must be more effective in recruiting and retaining diverse candidates and recruitee groups, which will ultimately benefit all of our officers, enlisted personnel, and members of the U.S. military.” 

As the Department of Defense works to ensure that its recruitment processes are better and more inclusive, it will need to be vigilant about how it handles potential problems. 

While the military has been working to improve recruiting in recent years, there have been some concerns over how the process has been run. 

After the 2011 election, when President Obama’s victory was confirmed, some lawmakers called for an overhaul of the military recruitment process, especially in areas like transgender recruitment. 

One of the biggest changes in recent times has been the shift in how recruiters use social networking sites. 

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the three largest social media platforms, with more than 3.4 billion active users, according to a recent survey from Pew Research Center.

Facebook’s platform has a wide array of ways that recruiters can connect with prospective customers, from posting their profile pictures to sending job offers and other messages to their followers.

But Twitter and LinkedIn also allow recruiters more latitude. 

Social media is an area where recruiters have a greater range of choices than they used to, and that has led to some complaints from some women who are uncomfortable with having their photos shared publicly. 

When the Army’s virtual recruiting website was announced in 2015, some critics said it was too small and did not offer enough information about how recruits were chosen. 

But the military says it has done a better job of creating an online recruiting

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