Daniel Dennett, PhD dissertation defense in Dyson lab

The University of Toronto’s David Dyson has agreed to pay $5.7 million to settle claims he failed to properly disclose information about a Dyson device that he invented to study the immune system.

Dyson’s lawyer had argued in a complaint filed last month that Dyson’s discovery of the device, called the Dyson Dermacide, was “inconsistent with the requirements of professional ethics” and “will be used against him and others in the future.”

The settlement, announced Friday, resolves claims Dyson had disclosed information that the device did not actually perform.

Dyson was also ordered to pay damages and costs of the class action, according to a news release.

In the settlement, Dyson will receive $1.2 million, which is the amount he has agreed for the class in the previous class action.

The rest will be divided equally between the lawyers, who had agreed to represent both sides.

The Dyson class action lawsuit said Dyson and the other plaintiffs were seeking $2 million each for the damages, plus attorneys’ fees and costs.

Dennett, who has taught physics at the University of Texas at Austin, was awarded $2.3 million in damages in March after his device, known as the Dermapod, was named a top prize in a contest sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.

The device was one of several that were designed by Dyson to detect tumors.

It was created to study how the immune response of the immune systems of the human body works, and to develop ways to treat and prevent cancers.

Dyskett’s discovery, which Dyson disclosed in a paper he wrote in 2008, led to a $2,500 reward for the first person to find a cancerous cell in the body.

In that paper, Dyer explained how he had found a tumor in his stomach.

Dyer told NPR last year that the discovery led him to discover other ways to make proteins in the lab that he thought were useful.

He said he did not use the discovery to make any profit from his lab.

The settlement covers the discovery of an undiscovered cancer in a lab patient, the claim of defamation, and a claim for breach of contract.

The class also includes a number of other former Dyson employees who have filed complaints, and some former Dyers own companies.

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