49ers defense lawyer says NFL players are ‘trying to manipulate’ her

49ers defensive attorney Michelle Mancini says she’s been threatened by players, the 49ers and NFL over her client’s defense of her client, and her client is trying to manipulate her.

Mancini, who represents former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in the case, was asked about her client being targeted by NFL players in the wake of the Colin Kaepernick protest movement.

Mann said the players have contacted her, asking her to “get him out of here”.

“They have been harassing me for a year and a half, they have called my house, they’ve been harassing my daughter,” she said.

“They are trying to do everything they can to get me out of there.

They are trying everything they possibly can to stop me.”

Mancinis daughter was killed by an intruder at her home in March last year.

She said she was “horrified” when she learned of the threats, which she says have included a threatening text message from the league.

“I’ve been dealing with them for over a year,” she told 7.30.

“It is absolutely frightening, but it’s not something I want to deal with.”

She said the threats are “a bit of a joke”.

“We are just trying to defend our client,” she added.

Manchin said the NFL is currently seeking an injunction to stop her client from making a motion to dismiss his case.

She told 7:30 that she has “been called a traitor and a traitorous lawyer”, and has been “laid to bed”.

She said if the league can’t get an injunction, she will go to court to make sure her client can’t defend himself.

“We’ll fight for the right to defend myself,” she explained.

Mischler declined to comment on the threats or whether they were made to Mancinis’ daughter.

Manchett is a partner at the law firm Mancuso Law.

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